Who Are Magnetic Jewelry Clasps Suitable For?

Jewelry clasps are used in a wide array of jewelry, and there are thousands of different types of clasps available, including lobster claw clasps, screw clasps and magnetic clasps. The type of clasp that you chose for your jewelry making can often depend on who you are making the jewelry for, and what is the primary function of the jewelry. There are a lot of different people who magnetic jewelry clasps would be ideal for.Jewelry with magnetic jewelry clasps is ideal for people who work in an industry where jewelry could easily get caught in something. Magnetic jewelry makes wearing jewelry a little bit safer, because it allows the jewelry to snap off if it did get caught in something. If a little bit of force is applied to this sort of jewelry, the magnetic clasp will snap open, whereas other types of clasp would not snap open, unless the material actually gave because of the force. Where these sorts of jewelry would snap would also depend on whether the jewelry was stronger than the clasp or vice versa. Knowing that the jewelry will snap apart easily at the clasp can be a good thing for these people, because they do not have to worry about damage to themselves or their jewelry.Magnetic jewelry clasps can also be good for older people or people who are less dexterous. Screw clasps and lobster claw clasps can be very difficult for people to use if they have trouble with the movement in their fingers. Very small clasps can be difficult for anyone to use, unless they are very dexterous. Many people struggle with clasps as they get older and develop muscles and joint problems, such as rheumatism and arthritis. Making jewelry with magnetic clasps or even adapting existing jewelry so that it has a magnetic clasp rather than a really fiddly clasp is a great way to allow people to continue enjoying jewelry, even when movement problems should prevent them from doing so. Ideas like this can help to improve the quality of life for some users.Whilst magnetic jewelry clasps may seem like they should be a good choice for jewelry which is designed for children, they can actually be dangerous. Although they may seem to be harmless, they can actually be very dangerous for animals or children if they are swallowed. The magnets can clamp together when they are in the stomach, which could create dangerous tears or blockages in the digestive system. If you think that a child or pet may have accidentally swallowed one of your magnetic clasps, you should take them to a doctor or vet as soon as possible, to try to resolve the situation. This step is important, even if they look like they are OK. However, as long as you are sensible with the storage of your jewelry making items, everything should be fine. For this reason, making magnetic jewelry for very young children is not advised, even though they may seem like they are the ideal choice.